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1. Name: Ashley
2. Age: 17
3. Gender: cunt.. Bitch...whore… get the idea
4.Location: palmer, mass
5. Bands Worth Listing: the oppressed, Dead Kennedy’s, Sham 69, blood for blood, 4skins, patriot, distillers, apa, mainstreet saints, casualties, Hudson flacons, ducky boys, DKM, Angelic upstarts, blitz, anti heros, cockney rejects, combat 84, blood or whiskey, uk subs
6. How Do You Contribute To The Scene: I drive a nova that can fit a drum set in the back, work the door at shows like no other, bitch out band sluts for stealing our shit at shows, plus I’m a great ‘dancer’.
7. What Do These Words/Numbers Mean To You:
77: the grade I got on my AP English test when I was hung-over.
UK 82: a country and the amount of money I have in the bank minus 1 dollar and 23 cents
OI!: skinheads, good music, good thing to chant at random points in a song.
8. Tell A Friend And A Community About This Community And Post Their Names: addme_punk okay that’s enough of that
9. 2 or more clear pics of yourself:
Ha my glasses


After a late night soccer game.. It was cold as fuck.

When I had pink hair and it was longer
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