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we're all young and dead



1. Name: Rachel, more commonly known as Fuck-head
2. Age: 14
3. Gender: female
4. Location: near buffalo, new york
5. Bands Worth Listing: A Global Threat, Toxic Narcotic, Patriot, Condemned 84, The Damned, X-ray Spex, Minor Threat, Aus Rotten, Operation Ivy, Dead Kennedys, Sham 69, Lower Class Brats, Agnostic Front, Adolf & the Piss Artists, The Exploited.
6. How Do You Contribute To The Scene: I try to go to as many shows as I can and I'm currently trying to start a zine on local stuff that's going on, but its going very sloooowly (I need better publishing software, more people to write stuff for me, a way to publish and get it out, etc. But I'm just starting, so hopefully I'll go as fast as possible!)
7. What Do These Words/Numbers Mean To You: *drum roll*
77: a year of extremely great music.
UK 82: music scene in the UK during the year 1982.
OI!: an amazing kind of music
8. Tell A Friend And A Community About This Community And Post Their Names: mmm-kay. i'll tell derek (noxonextoxtrust)athough I doubt he'll apply.
9. 2 or more clear pics of yourself: (please pardon my inability to post pictures, please click the links and they'll be right there)

[the girl in that is me, but thats before i got my hair all cut off]

[there's my ugly mug up close and personal]


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Im going to say yes, because You listen to the exploited, and they own my heart. This community is rather dead lately though.
am i in or out? guess i'll never know....

no. you annoy me.