JeNnY! =(^._.^)= (x_0_s0_c0ld_x) wrote in skinz_n_punx,
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1. Name: Jenny
2. Age: 17
3. Gender: Female
4.Location: Houston,TX
5. Bands Worth Listing: The Lower class brats, The cockney Rejects, Partisans, the 4-skins, The Virus, The Varukers, Sex Pistols, The Buzzcocks, Sham 69, Peter and The test tube babies, The Casualties, (Old) Rancid, Clit 45, The Adicts, The Oi! Scouts, Angelic Upstarts, Youth Brigade, Oi Polloi, the Krum Bums, 30 foot fall, Total chaos, The Business, Link 80, Blanks 77, Blitz, Tom and The Boot Boys, Section 5, Clockwork Crew, Cocksparrer, The Criminals, The Misfits, The Dead End Boys, The Devotchkas, Social Distortion, The Exploited, Agnostic Front, First Class, Last Resort, PIL, Riot Squad, The U.K. Subs, Vice Squad, A Global Threat,Clit 45, Defiance..more...
6. How Do You Contribute To The Scene: I go to as many shows
as I can
7. What Do These Words/Numbers Mean To You:
77: a good year for punk...
UK 82: is when punk came back around in the UK i think
OI!: well the dictionary says it means wow... haha... if you dont
know what Oi! means why would you try to join this community?

8. Tell A Friend And A Community About This Community And Post Their Names: No one
I know would fucken be cool enough for this community...
9. 2 or more clear pics of yourself: Im at school right now and I dont have
any pictures BUT I will put some on as soon as my ass decides to
go home... which will be a week or so...
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